Vane Kosturanov x D Festival

Third-year in a row, our beloved friend Vane Kosturanov is the man standing behind the D Festival designs. He is an artist with years of experience. Through his solo and group exhibitions, colorful murals, playful illustrations, and books, he constantly reminds us of the child we all have inside us. Not only did he embellish our festival with his creativity, but he also said a few words that mean so much to us, so we wanted to share them with all of you:

“D Festival is so much more than just a regular festival. It is a way of living, rarely seen positivity, a lot of smiles, solidarity, debates, theater plays, fun, hugs between concerts… D Festival defies the time we live in. It’s an inspiration every artist would love to have. I am very happy to be a part of the visual identity of D Festival for the third time.”

We are grateful too, Vane and we are expecting to see you this year!