Telemama is the stage name for visual artist Dragana Zarevska whose work can be placed somewhere at the intersection of poetry, technology, and music. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate in visual arts at the University of Technology in Brno (CZ), where she explores how people relate to new technologies and the future of work through poetry and music lyrics. She is often engaged as an artistic consultant on projects tangling art and science at the RISE SICS – Research Institutes of Sweden for applied information and communication technology.

Telemama has two album releases: the solo, kitchen-recorded“Miss Sloboda” (Ako nikoj ne sviri, 2015) and “Kratok album za dvajca” collaboratively written and performed with Pikolomini (Sharla records, 2018). In 2019 she resealed the single “EASA” co-written and performed with Prince$$ Donatsu (MVRSVR). At D Festival, she will perform a solo acoustic mix of the two album releases.

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