Simon Trpčeski – MAKEDONISSIMO

Formed by the acclaimed pianist Simon Trpčeski, the MAKEDONISSIMO QUINTET also includes Hidan Mamudov (clarinet, alto saxophone and kaval), Aleksandar Krapovski (violin), Alexander Somov (cello) and Vlatko Nushev (percussion). Its first concert prompted glowing reviews: ‘Quite magical’ wrote Süddeutsche Zeitung; ‘This group should come again’ exclaimed The Independent after the UK premiere in Wigmore Hall, London, in 2018.


Indeed, MAKEDONISSIMO produces a unique sound: it fuses incredible rhythms and haunting melodies of the Macedonian folk music tradition with highly virtuoso, jazz-influenced riffs and harmonies. The twenty-three dances and songs, especially selected by Trpčeski for this project, are interwoven in a truly unique fashion by the composer Pande Shahov. After its successful premiere in Germany at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele, the project travelled to Slovenia, UK, Poland, The Netherlands, France, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, and South Korea; other performances include Canada, China, Russia, New Zealand, and Australia. The quintet featured on BBC Radio 3 In Tune programme, live Broadcast on YouTube from South Korea, as well as on other renowned TV and Radio broadcasters.


Simon Trpčeski – About MAKEDONISSIMO

2017 was marked by the start of my latest project, which I called “MAKEDONISSIMO”, meaning “very Macedonian”, dedicated to my Macedonian people. It is a project of Macedonian music which I have been looking forward to and have worked on this project in my head for a long time. The indescribable power of the “beat” of our music is part of my everyday life and brings with it many memories, starting from my childhood with my parents, my brother, my sister, and my grandparents. Family gatherings were full of joy and happiness and today I pass on this timeless tradition to my children. I have never had the opportunity to make this recording a reality, so I’m overjoyed that it has finally happened.