1. When and where will D Festival 2023 be held?
    – In 2023, D-Festival will be held from 30 June to 2 July at the old well-known location in Dojran. 
  2.  Where can I buy tickets for the festival?
    – For all information regarding tickets, please click here.
  1. Will there be a festival camp space this year?

– Our favorite camping space has a new face. This year you will find our camp completely renovated and modern. The Municipality of Dojran made sure that the park is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year, and especially during our festival. The park is the favorite eco-corner of the locals, and together we are responsible for it to remain so during and after the festival.

The festival camp will be equipped with affordable food and beverage stands, showers, toilets, chill-out zones, mobile charging zones and Free Wi-Fi, First Aid teams…

Visitors to the camp will have the opportunity to enjoy the programs on three stages, to be part of various workshops, discussions, bazaars, board games.

  1. Do you have a recommendation for another type of accommodation?

– In Dojran there are official tourist auto-camping places, hotels, private renters that we encourage you to check, and we also appeal to you to visit and meet the wonderful hosts who rent their accommodation facilities. Along with the event industry, tourism is one of the branches most affected by the health crisis. Dojran is known as the best host for every well-meaning guest.

  1. How do I change the ticket with a festival wristband?

– Upon arrival at the festival, each visitor should replace their ticket with a festival bracelet in the offices of the Tourist Bureau Dojran (https://goo.gl/maps/zpxUUSEeSeGhYC6c6).

The festival bracelet will allow you to avoid crowds during the events and you will have a smooth entrance to the festival space.

  1. Does the festival have a program for parents with young children?

– D-Festival introduced a new program called Family Day where on the last day of the festival (Sunday – July 2) we will have a daily program where for a moment we will all return to the world of children.

  1. When will the festival camp open?

– The day before the official start of the festival, the camp will be open to visitors (June 29) at 5pm.

  1. What is prohibited at the D Festival?

– Hate speech is prohibited, carrying cold or hot weapons, instruments (forks, knives for any use), any explosives… is prohibited…

  1. What is allowed at the D Festival?

– It is always allowed to find a new friend, girlfriend, favorite band, to share beautiful energy, love, thought, to participate with your creation, installation, flag that has symbols of togetherness, tolerance, you can have fun, laugh and go home only with positive memories.


  1. Where can I buy tickets for the festival?
    – For all information regarding tickets, please click 
  1. Do children require a ticket?
    – For children under the age of 6, you do not need a ticket.

    3. Do I need to have an identification document during the festival?

    – According to the Law of the Republic of Macedonia, everyone should have an ID card, it is necessary for you to carry it with you during the festival.

    4. Can I cancel or return the ticket?

    – The cancellation of the purchased ticket and a refund for the same is not possible.

    5. What if the ticket is wrong / or a forgery?

    – Tickets that are purchased and bought at authorized outlets are the only ones that are valid because their bar code is unique. The organizer can guarantee the validity of the ticket only if it’s bought at any of the official sales outlets.

    6. What if you lose your ticket?

    – If you lose your ticket organizer can’t help you in the situation and will not be able to issue you a new one. So please make sure you take good care of your ticket.

    7. What if I forget my ticket?

    – If you forget your ticket you will not be able to attend the festival, so we advise you to be careful and don’t forget your ticket.

    8. How many times during a festival night I will be able to enter or leave the place of the event?

    – If you have a three-day festival ticket you will not have a restriction on leaving and re-entering the festival area. If you have a one-day ticket then you will not have access to the festival camp.


  1. Bottles

– You are allowed to bring EMPTY PLASTIC bottles. Glass bottles are not permitted.

  1. Alcohol
    – Carrying alcohol is prohibited at the event just like any other liquids. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and water can be purchased at the place of the event.

    2. Food

    – It’s prohibited to carry food, but you can buy at the place of the event.

    3. Umbrellas

    – We recommend wearing a raincoat or a small compact umbrella. Large umbrellas can obstruct other visitors to follow the concert.
  2. Pets

– D Festival is a pet-friendly festival. Owners can bring their pets, but they have to take a leash and a mask with them.


  1. What will be the weather during the festival?
    – For more information on the weather forecast during the festival, click here.

    2. Can I address the security if I have an urgent need?

    – Certainly. In case you need help you can contact the event providers that are wearing recognizable fluorescent vests or one of the great volunteer teams standing at your service for all information about the festival.

    3. First Aid?

    – The emergency team room is placed in separate wards. They are clearly marked and you will not have any problem to access them.

    4. Will I know the exact time of the concert?

    – Yes, the timeline for the start of the concerts will be posted on our website – and in all promo materials for D Festival. In addition, note that the schedule of the performances of artists is subject to change for various reasons that can occur during the event.

    5. What is prohibited?

    – It is strictly forbidden to carry glass items or bottles, cans, flammable materials, weapons, psychotropic substances and dangerous objects for the environment, fireworks, lasers, cameras, camcorders, audio/video recorders. Visitors are strictly forbidden from setting any promotional material during the event, without prior permission by the organizers.