FAQ Covid-19

1. Will D Festival take place on the announced dates from 21-23 August and in which format?

– Yes, but in a shortened edition. In order to fulfill all the security measures regarding the coronavirus, this year, D Festival will be held on 22 August (Saturday) in Dojran, as a one-day event. Only the main stage will be active and spread over 10,000 square meters, with a limited capacity of 30%.

2. What kind of measures will be taken in order to protect the audience from COVID-19?

– We have been working and preparing for months, in order to provide a safe atmosphere for our dear visitors. Wearing masks, disinfecting the hands, maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 meters, and temperature measurement are mandatory for everyone. The guards will have the right to remove any individual who does not comply with the measures.

– All of the festival attendees need to be informed about the protocol for organized events. You can read the official protocol for mass events here – Attachment no.33: https://vlada.mk/protokoli-koronavirus

3. Will the festival take place if the health condition in our country gets worse?

– We are monitoring the situation and are in close contact with the institutions in our country. In case the health condition in our country gets significantly worse, the festival will be rescheduled.

4. Will the announced line-up stay the same?

– This edition will be completely different from the planned one. As a difficult year for everyone, 2020 will be dedicated to the festival’s friends. Almost all of the announced artists have been confirmed for 2021! The ticket sale for 2021 already started and will be followed by new names in the lineup. Next year, if we are healthy and alive, the best D Festival and the official 10th birthday edition will take place.

5. Why does the program only consist of Macedonian artists?

– D Festival is probably the only international festival where you can find that many domestic artists, varying from hardcore to children’s choirs. 70% of the program consists of our, domestic artists. In a time difficult for both artists and promoters, it is crucial to get together. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

6. Will there be a camp zone this year?

– Unfortunately, we will not open the camp this year. Although we have enough capacity and space for everyone, we do not want to risk other rituals and needs: a sufficient number of showers, toilets, sinks, brushing teeth at a distance, waiting in line in the camp… This D Festival will be a test and a preparation – how to protect, respect, and learn to be careful, now and in the future.

7. Can I set up a tent in the city park in Dojran?

– We invite you to visit and meet the wonderful hosts who rent their accommodation facilities. This year, tourism is one of the branches that is most affected by the health crisis.

8. Will there be organized transport to Dojran?

– In accordance with the measures, we recommend that everyone organizes their own transport. During D Festival, parking in Dojran is free.

9. Will there be a Church Stage this year?

– According to the protocol, only outdoor events are allowed, so we have excluded all activities that take place indoors, including the Church Stage.

10. Will there be a Lake Awake Stage this year?

– At the moment, there are no permits for working until the early morning hours. Due to legal reasons, Lake Awake will not be a part of the program this year, and from next week, all the artists that were announced will be re-confirmed for 2021.

11. Is PloshtArt going to take place in the camp this year?

– A huge team consisting of over 30 NGOs, independent artists, and sports associations, stands behind the PloshtArt program. For mutual security, all the wonderful ideas, plans, performances, debates, workshops, art installations, and games will be rescheduled for 2021. We thank all of the participants for their understanding.

12. I applied for the PloshtArt calls, will the applications be valid for the next edition?

– Due to the inability for including PlostArt in this year’s program, your applications will be considered for the next birthday edition of the festival. We also encourage you to apply for the next call that you will be notified about, immediately after its announcement.

13. Are all the purchased tickets valid for the next edition in 2021?

– All the tickets bought until 30.07.2020 will be valid for this year’s edition, as well as the next one in 2021!

14. What should I do if I want to keep the purchased ticket and use it only at the next edition of D Festival in 2021?

– All tickets have their own unique bar code and MK Tickets has the entire base. The unused ticket for this year’s edition will automatically be valid for 2021.

15. Will you provide a refund for those who are unable to attend and have purchased a ticket?

– Yes, a refund option will be available. All the details will be published soon, together with the lineup for 2021.

16. I still haven’t purchased a ticket for D Festival, and I want to attend the one-day edition on August 22nd. Where can I get it?

– The tickets are on sale at the MkTickets network. Hurry, because the capacity and the number of tickets are limited!

17. When is the start of the 2021 ticket sale and at which price?

– The first contingent of limited early-bird tickets is already on sale at a promotional price of 800 denars.

18. How can I support the festival?

– By saving the tickets and using them at this or next year’s edition, you support D Festival and help your favorite domestic artists and the music industry to survive in these difficult times.