Buč Kesidi

Buč Kesidi is a left-handed indie rock and roll electro disco duo from Pancevo, which consists of Luka Racic on guitars and Zoran Zarubica on drums. They are currently promoting the latest release, the album “Euforija” from 2019, in parallel with the cinema tour of the concert film ““Euforija uživo” from 2020. The album “Euforija” is recognized by audiences, music portals and critics such as Zikica Simic, Petar Janjatovic, Srdjan Strajnic as the best domestic album in 2019, and nominated for the award for the best independent European album of the year. The band has a debut album behind them “Posesivno-ospulsivni hospul” which accompanies five popular singles and videos and many years of concerts at regional clubs and festivals, including Main Stage EXIT festival, Arsenal Fest and Belgrade Beer Fest.

“Euforija” was announced by the radio hits “Nema ljubavi u klubu” from 2018, “Đuskanje ne pomaže” and “TIHO” from 2019, which marked the transition of the band to a more modern and more electronic sound.

The release of the album was accompanied by a tour during which concerts were sold out in Zagreb, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and Belgrade. The latest addition to the band’s videography is a concert film “Buc Kesidi: Euforija live”, recorded in 2020, which has its own regional cinema tour during the summer of 2021, Buc Kesidi continues with concerts throughout the region and writes songs for the third album.