Hand-applied, original creations of everyday eco-friendly objects, with a unique application of sun.


5 to 12 is a creative handicraft workshop that focuses on personalized products.

Trademark 5 to 12 are the personalized pendants with pets for which the brand is recognizable.

The product range is wide and unlimited, but you can usually find badges, pendants, earrings and cup holders.


Ma Magi was created in 2020 during a time in history in which people all over the world needed self-care and nature’s power of healing. We started with a few products created to strengthen our bond with nature, to get back to the source of the simple pleasure of being connected to the energy of the Earth and Roots.

The path of the Moon creates phases which mirror in our soul and its path works in conjunction with the internal growth that you are bound to experience with each item we have in our shop. We are dedicated to staying true to our best practices. We offer excellent customer care by being authentic and being guided by integrity.

We are honored to have so many supporters and beautiful souls that purchase from us. For you’re a part of our story as well and for that we are truly blessed and grateful.

Vtoro Azno

A platform for exchanging second-hand clothes, used items and sharing resources that unites the concepts of circular economy and zero waste under the motto: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Luna Aditeya

A clothing brand of extremes, exploration, experimentation. We fuse together the traditional and modern, the fast and the slow, the explosive and the calm, by combining the hand-made and digital, from embroidery and painting to 3D printing.


I am Stella, the creator of various products inspired by retro colors, music and nature. Indigo is my small shop selling handmade accessories, jewelry, printed products and more.

Moonshine Creative Studio

Decorative, handmade cement products, epoxy resin, jewelry from beads and candles to decorate the space and make the home a sweeter place to live.


Brooches in the form of dolls made from waste materials and in some way recycled which as a fashion detail will make your outfit cooler 😊


@Zshdane_’s concept is based on several questions:

– Is there room for labeling and taboo in this outrageously unethical world?

– Why is culture falsification more accepted than sincere resistance?

– Should we be ashamed of our own just for another to be at peace?

– Will it occur to us?

Keep your free spirit and be what you are.

Partizan print

Partizan print is an art collective dedicated to silk printing. Our workshop is initiated in 2015 as part of FRIK Festival and established in 2017.

Sheezick na reezick

SHEEZICK NA REEZICK is a Skopje-based clothing brand made to inspire brave minds. We develop premium products with our values always in mind: connection to roots, unique design, passion and dedication.

After long experience in communications and design, we took off road on a journey to create our own product that reflects the spirit of the city we were born in. In 2018 we founded SHEEZICK NA REEZICK. Taken from the 80s Skopje slang, the brand’s name stands for a local street hero who chases dreams and plays big against all odds.

SHEEZICK NA REEZICK is about being different by simply being who you really are. It is about passion of living on colourful crossroads, where people kiss on red wooden benches, fly their dragons while sweet parachutes are falling from the sky. It’s about chasing dreams, taking risks with a smile on our faces and making it against all odds. ‘Cause NO RISK NO FUN.