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@zshdane_’s concept is based on several questions:
Is there room for labels and taboos in this outrageous unethical world?
Why is cultural foiling more accepted than honest resistance?
Should we be ashamed of our own just for another to be calm?
Will we think of it?


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Podari Planina is a story inspired by the Macedonian mountains. Each product is a unique creation and a fusion of two passions: mountaineering and architecture. Handmade wooden mountains, t-shirts, crochets, bandanas, bracelets and pendants will be on display at the D Festival. The symbolism of “mountain” has a special meaning for everyone. The motto of Podari Mountain is: “Mountains are not just a place, mountains are a feeling!”


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In Cariño, two handcrafting techniques are fused: polymer clay and crochet. Every thing is unique and created with a lots of love.

FOREGROUND tote bags + FEJK ilustrations

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Foreground tote

Foreground tote bags started working seven years ago, during which it manages to build itself as a brand that encourages a sustainable lifestyle. At the Foreground stand, you will find interesting tots, in different colors and designs.

Fejk Illustrations

Fake arose as a result of a search for something simple, something that describes us all. It comes from the saying fake it ’til you make it, and I believe that in the future it will exist as a thread that connects all our daily experiences.


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Ma Magi was created in 2020 during a time in history in which people all over the world needed  self-care and nature’s power of healing. We started with a few products created to strengthen our bond with nature, to get back to the source of the simple pleasure of being connected to the energy of the Earth and Roots.

The path of the Moon creates phases which mirror in our soul and its path works in conjunction with the internal growth that you are bound to experience with each item we have in our shop.

We are dedicated to staying true to our best practices. We offer excellent customer care by being authentic and being guided by integrity.

We are honored to have so many supporters and beautiful souls that purchase from us. For you’re a part of our story as well and for that we are truly blessed and grateful.


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Even though he started “cooking” the business in high school, Avet is actively creating jewelry from 2015. Different from the usual filigree artists that are recognized – Avet brings silver into a new direction with a more rough and rustic style for elegant, modern and extravagant pieces of jewelry. 

What is most striking about Avet’s style is jewelry with symbols and features from the mythical realms, the ancient Vedic cultures of the Balkans and around the world: from profane to spiritual motifs.

A large part of the work involves the use of exclusively natural stones, both from the world and from the Macedonian climate.


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Spoznavanje (Acquaintance) is a creative platform that serves to promote musicians, creatives, designers and artists. At D Festival we will team up by creating new interviews, and at Artgora you can get the first edition of our magazine!