Feel D Love

Established in 2011 and raised by the idea of having a unique open-air music event that will offer an alternative for satisfying the need for a summer festival at the authentic and outstanding Dojran coast - "D FESTIVAL" has already confirmed and justified its initiative in the best way. It is a young festival which is always held in a perfect atmosphere that constantly leads to euphoria and represents a unique evening drive on positive energy, contributed by the thousands of fans and the finest artists of the local, regional and world music scene.

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D Festival continues as a tradition but with even greater expectations each year, certainly achieving the goal to become a symbol of an unforgettable concert experience and traditional destination for the fans of the authentic summer festival spirit.

Each year D Festival is the party destination for more than 8.000 visitors who have enjoyed this festival with the remarkable concert performances of the music artists like Stereo MC’s, Sonique, Djaikovski, Dubioza Kolektiv, Bernays Propaganda, String Forces, Superhiks, AREA, S.A.R.S., Baildsa, Zijan and many more. Everybody is eager for the upcoming edition of the festival. The date of the festival (end of July) is also a season which every year attracts more and more international and local tourists and many young people who believe in the potential of Dojran as attractive location.

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Spreading the good word for the great excitement from every festival edition, more and more people decide to spend their yearly vacation and their best summer festival event right here in Dojran. And each summer D FESTIVAL continues to grow offering a wider variety of attractive performances, music program which lasts for days and also a festival camp for the visitors, located by the coast of the beautiful Dojran Lake.

DFestival artists references:

  • Manu Chao La Ventura
  • Paul Van Dyk
  • Roger Sanchez
  • Stereo MC’s
  • Noisia
  • Dubioza Kolektiv
  • Disciples
  • Roni Size
  • Fink
  • Mahmut Orhan
  • Sonique
  • Goldie
  • Toy Dolls
  • Pussy Riot
  • Egorythmia
  • Sigma
  • Dub Pistols
  • Sevdaliza
  • Arhangel
  • Lollobrigida
  • Hladno Pivo
  • Ofenbach
  • Goran Trajkoski
  • Duke Bojadziev
  • Tom Novy
  • Bernays Propaganda
  • Kiril Dzajkovski
  • Superhiks
  • Amariszi
  • PMG Kolektiv
  • S.A.R.S.
  • Conquering Lion
  • Area
  • Vlatko Stefanovski
  • Elektricni Orgazam
  • String Forces
  • Foltin
  • Strajk
  • Bad Copy
  • Obojeni Program
  • Brkovi
  • Ljubojna
  • Smut
  • Flooder
  • Chalgia Sound System
  • Ali Farka Toure Band
  • The Black & Vice Social Club
  • Terakaft
  • Cut your nipple
  • My Baby
  • Porto Morto

...and many many more!

D Festival confirmed that its 11th edition will take place this summer on 13 and 14 of August 2021 in Dojran, featuring a 2-day international programme.