The campsite is the best way to feel and live the real festival atmosphere of D FESTIVAL: let the sun wake you, be close as possible to the festival site, enjoy the Dojran Lake and the beautiful beach located next to the campsite, make new friends and party with the thousands of young festival visitors!

The campsite is open from Thursday 11 July.

Arrive early and choose the most suitable camp site for you and your friends! During the 3 festival days the campsite will be your new pleasant and positive home where you’ll be well looked after during your stay here by the camp crew. We will make sure that D FESTIVAL will be your best summer experience!

What should you bring?

  • If you would like to camp on the area you will definitely need a tent.
  • Bring everything you need to be comfy, like mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, etc!
  • Be sure to bring swimsuits, sunglasses, towels, sun cream and other things you’ll need for the beach, but above all, bring positive energy that adds to the festival’s great atmosphere!

D Festival’s campers will have access to drinkable water, showers, wireless internet, food and drinks stores, beach and various options such (lockers for personal items, recharge-spot for mobile phones etc.). During their stay in the camp, the camp visitors can enjoy all stages and they can take part in different workshops, debates, games, recreation and many other interesting activities.



Distance from city center – 2 minute walk away
Distance from the Main Stage – 7 minute walk away

The camping area, where D FESTIVAL takes place, is situated in a natural area. That’s why we want to ask all the visitors to contribute their mite to make sure the campgrounds stay as clean as possible. The collecting points for garbage on the camping ground will be clearly indicated. Please throw your trash away and in the proper containers! You can also find garbage containers in the parking lots and inside the festival. Use them as much as possible!

Please take a minute to understand the D FESTIVAL Camping Regulations for yours and everyone’s safety on the camping site. Here you can find the answers of most frequently asked questions and bellow is the list of allowed and forbidden items for the camp.

Allowed items:

– Tents
– Backpacks
– Lighters
– Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and chargers
– Photo cameras (amateur)
– Cigarettes
– Mini compact umbrellas and raincoats
– Bikes, skateboards, rollers, scooters
– Eye drops for contact lenses
– Insulin (with appropriate doctors subscription and medical ID)
– Plastic dinner set
– Food and beverage bought at the festival venue
– Plastic bottles for water (empty)
– Pets (on responsibility of the owner)
– Smiles :)

Prohibited items:

  • Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • Knives or weapons of any kind
  • Outside Food or Drinks
  • Fireworks
  • Bonfires
  • Glass of any kind
  • Vehicles
  • Gas canisters
  • Steel dinner set
  • Professional photo cameras or audio and video recorders