The theater project “Say Hi and Blow Me” will be played on D Festival

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In our festival family, Artopia Theater is joined with the award-winning performance and nowadays sold out “Say Hi and Blow Me”.

On July 14th at Church Stage, the art project will be played, which speaks for the struggle for individual freedom, self-fulfillment, and confrontation with the social mechanisms of functioning. Time is for theater at D Festival 2019!

The play “Say Hi and Blow Me” is the author’s work by actors Natasha Petrovikj, Simona Spirovska, Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevsk and director Biljana Radinoska.The performance is based on personal testimonials of the actors about their youth, their dreams and hopes, and how everyone of them experiences the tense political surroundings we live in.  With it’s narrative landscape it describes the vacuum space of growing up, the slow but obvious transition from a child to an adult. It describes all the expectations we have from ourselves when we are children, and the conflict that emerges in when we fail to accomplish our expectations.

The plot is concentrated of asking questions, to ourselves and into the cosmic void, about what is theatre today, how we should act, what is performance and the ultimate- what is art, and how we position ourselves towards these questions? There is a background idea that sublimates the performance- doubt is necessary in order to develop. Not knowing but searching is a form of value.  Honesty in arts means empowerment of the need art to exist and co-exist within the society.