The avant-garde Disciplin A Kitschme will rock the Main Stage!

By 23/04/2019 NEWS No Comments

The mighty representatives of the music avant-garde, the band that’s one of the biggest and most long-lasting rock teams in the region with an explosive live performance that kept marching to the beat of their own drum in spite of the music establishment, comes to D Festival on July 13th.

Disciplin A Kitschme exist since 1981, and all these years they didn’t back off from their expression in favour of the musical trends. They nurture an authentic mix of funk-noise, noise rock, jazz fusion, drum and bass and other styles, that capture their always explosive and rebellious spirit.

Their live performances are well-known for their energy and authenticity, because they are different, brave, before their time and always prone to almost impossible fusions. That is exactly why we expect a great performance on July 13th at the Main Stage!