Shhhh, D peeps are dancing here: SILENT DISCO for the first time at PloshtArt!

By 18/04/2019 NEWS No Comments

For the first time at D Festival this summer – Silent Disco! The only logical dance destination for picky ravers and “mixed companies” that can’t decide what they wanna dance to!

Silent disco is a party which offers the attendees headphones through which they hear music directly through wireless technology. Instead of emitting music through surround, the music is transmitted through a radio emitter. We give you three DJs – three options to choose from. It’s gonna look great from afar while we dance “in silence”.


Silent Disco is the new, fifth stage at D Festival that we open this summer for all the party animals ready to party till dawn, without worrying if the music bothers their neighbours at the camp. The three DJs that will stand behind the DJ cabin at the same time will be revealed soon, together with the exact location.1