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The ambassador of dance music and “Grammy” award-winning producer and DJ, ROGER SANCHEZ confirmed his appearance on the main stage at D FESTIVAL! One of the world’s leading artists in dance music with status as the “master of the genre”, on the main stage at D Festival will present his always actual sound for which he gained an army of fans, including other stars of the stage which made him known as “DJ’s DJ ” and “producer’s producer “.

2015 is proving to be one of Roger Sanchez’s most creative and prolific years to date, with the continued success of his S-Man moniker, and the first releases under his own name for some time. Following the return of his S-Man alter-ego in 2014, the huge ‘Remember Me’ (feat Stealth) as Roger Sanchez , re-launched his Stealth Recordings label, and grew from Pete Tong’s Essential New tune into a global radio and club hit.