Mahmut Orhan – new headliner on D Festival

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Orhan_ sajt novosti

Mahmut Orhan, the creator of planetary megahit with which has become a mandatory name at the world’s leading festivals, arrives for the first time in our country! The winner of the world charts, this summer will also win the main stage of the D Festival 2019 on Saturday’s Fiesta on July 13th!

Mahmut Orhan was born in Bursa, in 1993. Deep House, Indie Dance/Nu disco are his favourite styles and they effect his imagination and creativity.

He started his career with “3-Adam” which is a vocalizing firm. In 2012, he added “Ceiron” to “Little Buddha 5” serial and “Fringe” to “Siddharta Dubai” serial and he gained great success with these tracks.

Until today, he generally rearrenged 80s-90s tracks. In 2014, a released track from “Beachside Records” which is “Without You Ep” got great attention. He made “Compliation” album with Chilai.

Until today, he performed many times at Bursa, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir. He firstly worked as a “music director” at one of the most popular club in Istanbul, “Chilai”. He still continues his music career at there.

He established “Rikodisco” with Aytac Kart. They collected many podcast shows and eps from many famous people. He works with Aytac Kart, Boral Kibil, Sezer Uysal, Dj Tarkan, Alceen, Ludwix, Deepjack and Mr. Nu and also he loves their style of music.