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The British music legend GOLDIE, one of the pioneers of the D’n’B music and also the author of one of the 50 most influential albums in the history of electronic music – “Timeless”, joins the list of performers who will mark this year D FESTIVAL! The festival will be held from 15 to 17 July in Dojran, where Goldie comes as one of the headliners on the main festival stage!

Completely original and multitalented as no other, for those who do not know, Goldie in his career that spans for over 20 years left a deep trace not only as a musician but also as a graffiti artist, producer, DJ and actor, and remains best known for the ageless classic “Timeless”.

From his early childhood releasing his endless creativity to the moment when he has more than 3 million sold out copies worldwide, he has every right to be called the creator of the jungle music and music icon for D’n’B style. He transformed the sound of the British underground to worldwide mainstream movement and encouraged evolution of this musical direction, while collaborating with the biggest names in pop music.

Video: GOLDIE – Innercity Life

Goldie (Clifford Joseph Price) was born on September 19, 1965 and he spent his childhood growing up in orphanages and in different families, but he found his escape from reality in music and art. From his youngest days he was involved in break-dance scene as well as in the development of graffiti and some of his works were featured in the documentary movie “Bombing” of Afrika Bambaataa. Graffiti art brought him to the largest graffiti battle in British history, in which he competed with Robert Del Naja, who later founded the group Massive Attack.

Even with his first hit “Terminator”, published in 1992, he emerged himself as an innovator, using a new technique for processing sound so-called “Time stretching”. When his first album appeared, the legendary “Timeless”, Goldie has founded his label Metalheadz. Timeless was sold in 250 thousand copies, and Goldie on this publication used the fusion of break bits and bass lines, which are now well known as a landmark of jungle music with orchestral textures and soulful vocals of Diane Charlemagne. On this album you can find probably his most famous song “Innercity Life”.

Confirmation for the success of the first album were the visiting artist on his second album “Saturnz Return” (David Bowie, Noel Gallagher and KRS-One) and the initiation of the club night “Metalheadz Sunday Session” at the London club “Blue Note” which entered into history as one of the most influential nights for D’n’B music. After his success in the music world and graffiti, Goldie focused himself on acting, and appeared as an actor in the movie “Everybody Loves the Sunshine“, “Snatch” and the James Bond classic “The World is Not Enough“.

His movie and TV arrangements have continued further with a series of reality shows, and these actions resulted in his two-part documentary on his life and workClassic Goldieproduced by BBC.” In 2002 he published his autobiography “Nine Lives” which was written in collaboration with Paul Gorman.

Goldie is also socially engaged by participating in various actions to help young people in problematic life situations. 7 years ago he initiated the TV campaign “Give Them a Voice” designed to help social workers, and in 2011 he participated in the project “By Royal Appointment” which explored the impact of music on the lives of young people today, and project which was attended by young people from the UK who are in problematic life situations and was also promoted by Prince Harry. The project aimed at young people to regain self-confidence, giving them a vision of their future.

Besides these activities, Goldie engage his creative work in art and theater scene. For his work in music, art and social engagement, received several university credentials – acquiring the professors and doctoral titles at the Themes Valley, Brunel University and Wolverhampton Universities, but as he says, his biggest achievement is his recognition in the prestigiousNew Elizabethanslist of influential individuals during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, in which he was included by the votes from audience. Under his label, in cooperation with the “Warner Brothers”, in 2013 he released the album “The Alchemist: The Best Of Goldie 1992-2012”.

During his 20-year career and the path of difficult childhood to world star, he three times revitalized D’n’B music – first he skyrocketed this style with his worldwide album “Timeless”, then he put it to a more commercial and softer sound with soulful vocals and samples, and at the end of all that he made hardcore Rhapsody “Timeless”. Goldie – DJ, producer, graffiti artist, movie and theater producer, actor, artist, and besides all of this he is still a great humanitarian and a really multitalented kind of person rarely seen and which deserves all the praise, as well from his branch and from the audience. Macedonian crowd this summer will have the pleasure to enjoy the work of this extraordinary artist and his performance at the only open-air festival in Macedonia, D FESTIVAL.