Hardcore metal band “Short Fuse Hero” will play on D Festival 2019

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short fh novosti sajt

Hardcore Metal band from Skopje “Short Fuse Hero” will play on D Festival 2019!

The band with numerous performances behind who shared the stage with other names of the metal genre, this summer will thunder on the Smooth Stage!

While we are waiting for the new EP and live performance, listen to their first studio album “Back to Basics” as a real preparation for D-Fiesta!

“Short Fuse Hero“ is a hardcore/metal band formed in 2014 in Skopje, Macedonia. Their first gig was opening for „Born From Pain“, „Smut“ and „Hardfaced“ at „Havanа“ in Skopje, Macedonia. Since then, they had numerous shows sharing the stage with bands such as „Nasty“, „Deez Nuts“, „Comeback Kid“, „United and Strong“, „Blood Shot Down“ and many more. Four of these shows took part in Sofia, Bulgaria. They released their first official album called „Back to Basics“; in December 2016, followed by two single releases – „Narushuvanje na Mirot“; featuring Dimitar Saveski from „Hardfaced“ and „Inner Prison“; which is their first official music video, released in January 2018 and in September 2018 respectively. Throughout the years there where a few member changes and the current members are: Marin Milenkoski, Dino Mojsilovikj, Filip Mirchevski, and Petar Serafimov. They just finished recording their latest EP, which is expected to be released before the summer of 2019.