Get ready for a sonic adventure, RIB is the first act confirmed for Mosquito Stage!

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The first confirmed act to rock the Mosquito Stage this summer is the Macedonian trio RIB – with a fresh new album released this year, their first ever performance at D Festival guarantees a unique musical adventure for the festival goers in Dojran.

The trio’s (Jane Trajkovski – guitar, Ivica Dimitrievikj – guitar and bass, Dzano Kuch – drums) recently released third, eponymous album – in collaboration with the British producer Ben “Faz” Farestvedt – is still being showered with positive feedback for the 52-minute long material, that was well-received from both audience and critics alike. “Rotator”, their hit with David Best from Fujiya & Miyagi on vocals, is also a part of the album.

“Rib confidently walks on the sonic freeway they built themselves. Unburdened by the anachronous need to be “influential” as most of local bands, they sovereignly rule the post punk/new wave space, purely on a sonic base. The absence of the loser’s need to be relevant/independent just so that the potential alternative audience will like them, is their strongest weapon. They’re building their cool purely on sound as their building material, and are more and more convincing with every album. This healthy ambition is regularly backed up with vinyl releases – their carving that leaves a non-erasable mark of seriousness”, says Mirko Popov for their album in a Reborn review.

“Even though Rib have no vocals, but long songs without a strict structure, with a strong sense for building up on tension, their record can be called post-rock”, says Aleksandar Sazdovski for “The difference is that if this genre is mostly interested in constructing a scale with the atmosphere, the trio is preoccupied with the rhythm, the playfulness, the podium. The post-rockers aren’t literally depressing, but their sound expositions are extensive, dragged and always getting their toes wet into melancholy”.

The regional musical magazines didn’t shy away from positive critiques for the trio either. The Serbian magazine Before After put them on the list of 10 Best albums for January 2019, saying that their album gets it’s place in a list of musical “precious stones” that the Macedonian musical scene brings, and the trio takes them “on a trip through meridians, past and future times, different emotional states”.

Pop Depression, too, released positive feedback, and the single “Rotator” was also a part of the Anatomy of Sound top list of a radio in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rib have previously published the albums “Something Completely Different“ (2015) and “Bliss“ (2017).