Foltin – new band on main stage on D Festival

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foltin novosti

Probably the most notorious, unconventional musicians on the domestic scene Foltin are playing on the main scene on D Festival 2019!

The band, which has been in existence for more than 20 years, has come to D Festival with its endlessly imaginative music, subtle and charming as rarely another.

Foltin is music band from Bitola and they exist since 1995. They are an unusual cast, whose music is hard to define, and every attempt to insert it into a musical genre would not be very successful. Foltin creates subtle and charming music that melds the mood of gypsy street music with late night jazz club improvisation. Their music is surreal, passionate and witty, characterized by a frantic dance atmosphere, which is achieved with the fast Macedonian rhythm. Even though they use standard musical elements, their approach in creating the atmosphere is unpredictable and above all, original. In their musical identity the Anglo – Macedonian hybrid, is a collision between the East and West. Their language is an imaginary mixture or phonetic imitation of world languages like Spanish, French, Romanian, Portuguese… Their “spontaneous Esperanto”.

Foltin describes themselves as pseudo – emigrant cabaret, and often their concerts are turning into real performances. It is not a strange thing to imagine all that when you consider the fact that they have worked on music for theatre performances, in which they are famous for using the ready-made “instruments” or creating ambient sound with objects from unmusical primer function, construction of some kind sculptures and installations.

The band has appeared at music and theatre festivals in Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium, England, Lebanon, Turkey, the Netherlands, and France.