“Darkness remix” at D Festival!

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crnila sajt

After selling out every date at Kino Frosina for a few months and redefining the modern theatre scene in Macedonia with every other performance, the hip hop drama “Darkness remix” comes to D Festival!

“Darkness remix” (Crnila Remix) presents a different view of the classical drama written by Kole Chashule. Chashule is one of the most important Macedonian theater writers, publicists, revolutionary; that participated in World War II- a politician, and a diplomat. His original drama, “Darkness” focuses on the assassination of Gjorche Petrov- a historian, a professor, and one of the most important Macedonian ideologists, seen by his own countrymen. Chashule is the first author that courageously spoke about the betrayal of the Macedonian people against their own fellow countrymen, and the first that spoke wrongly against its own ideals. The death of Gjorche Petrov whilst serving his country was due to personal and corruptive interests, and it became a symbol of darkness in the Macedonian history.

“Darkness remix” is a modern view on this event, placed in the context of an urban hip hop album. The whole performance lies on an unusual approach with very specific acting (rapping), where the original text is sung on tracks by “Zad Agolot” (one of the most popular hip hop bands in Macedonia.) This performance is sublime between classical theater drama, and the hip hop subculture. It is the first, and for now the only hip hop theater performance performed in the region.

Through less than 50 minutes of musical material, minimalist, but effective scenography and tense hip hop rhythms that will not leave you unimpressed, the actors, Zad Agolot and the whole team of Simonov will take you through a history lesson told with lyrical fire, intense performance and non-stop goosebumps.