Daktili will perform at the Smooth Stage at D Festival

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daktili novosti

Rock and roll, poetry, theater and love are those things who want to free the members of Daktili from themselves. The band that experiments with music and constantly inserts new elements in their songs, this summer performs at the Smooth Stage at the Festival D-2019!

“Daktili” is a band from Strumica, formed at the end of 2018. The members of the band are Dushko Manushev (drums), Stole Velkov (bass guitar) and Stavre Angelakov (guitar). In the beginning, they worked exclusively on the author’s instrumental music, but as the performances were arranged, they also expanded their own boundaries by experimenting and inserting new elements. Over time, the band joined another member, vocal Milan Anastasov. They began to work on quite different material from the one they played at the beginning. Now the band “Daktili” are working on a rock and roll album with an alternative tune.

“Daktili” regularly play at home, in one of the clubs in southeast Macedonia, “Sab Club” and in the cult local “U” in Gevgelija. They performed a gig in “Barber and Bar – Tuesday”, performed at “Luzer Fest”, as well as the promotion of the “Zenit” magazine for art and culture. They also made an independent concert in “Kotur” in Skopje.

“Rock ‘n’ roll, poetry, theater, and love. That’s what we want to unload. It has accumulated in us and must expire. We wonder where else but the stage? Where we play ping-pong with the audience, where we play water polo in blood, sweat, and tears … There we are alive! We are launching paravanes and flying in the exult, released, “members of “Daktili” are sharing, who soon enter the studio and start recording the first album.