As always, we write the sunny side of the Macedonian cultural history together! D Festival this year again calls all the visitors, all individuals and organizations to design the festival as they imagine and like and join the D Festival team. With this call, every fan of D Festival has the opportunity to realize their festival idea, to offer great concepts for their favorite festival stage, to propose their own band, to give ideas, to bring in new fun alternatives, to devise art installations and beautify the festival and camp space, to design t shirts and unique promotional material or simply to be part of the promotional campaign for D Festival. Do you have any super cool ideas for sports competition on D Festival, do you want to present the work of your NGO, and how would you like to present your self on the festival venue? How would you show your latest attractive literate, musical or film releases? Would you participate in a workshop or be a part of a debate on popular and actual issues concerning young people? All this and many more activities related to positive values that impel the cultural development. Apply and join us as an individual or community in the building of new positive influences of all sorties in the Dojran region and the whole country. With this call, all of the applicants have the opportunity to execute their vision, to gain prizes and to be a part of D Festival team.

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Deadline: 20th April 2018