The Croatian sensation Svemirko is everything we were looking for in one electro-pop band – a perfect blend of feelings, skills, and quality. Emo but macho, a little avantgarde and also normal – their recipe for an unforgettable concert. The band members Marko Vuković, Antonio Bošnjak, Marin Tandara, Branimir Blažević, and Bojan Bojko are considered one of the most exciting artists that appeared on the modern music scene in the Balkans. Following the release of their debut album “Vanilija”, the record-breaking band received rave reviews. Where “Vanilija” ends, the second album “Tunguzija” continues with fantastic melodies and arrangements, vivid lyrics and crazy beats. Directly from the cosmos to planet Earth, Svimirko’s spaceship is coming to D Festival this year.

Mosquito Stage