dj regard

Dardan Aliu is a Kosovo-based DJ and producer, widely known by his professional name, Regard. Regard’s career began in 2008 when he became a pioneer in the dance scene in the Balkans, later switching to Deep House. After going viral on Tik Tok, Spotify & Apple Music in 2019 with his remix of “Ride It” he became a viral sensation and has since achieved international success. The single had over a million plays on Spotify and by the end of August 2019, the song had been streamed over 2.4 million times in the US and entered the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart at number 21. It eventually reached number 1 in the Ireland singles chart, number 2 on the UK singles charts, and number 3 in Australia. The Head of Music Partnerships at TikTok Europe highlighted Regard’s success as a “great example of how TikTok can support artists by providing a platform to promote their songs to a global audience. Regard is now ready to take over the modern global music landscape.