FAQ Covid-19

Will D Festival 2020 take place?
We are working on the organization of the event from our homes and we still plan to hold the 10th edition of the festival. But at the same time, we are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and reacting appropriately to all measures proposed by the authorities. Our priority is to protect everyone involved in creating the festival, as well as our dear audience.

Have any of the announced artists canceled their show?
For now, none of the announced artists has canceled their performance. We are all affected by the current situation and neither we nor the artists have answers when the borders are going to open, when are we going back to work and what will the situation be with the airlines. Even if the situation stabilizes soon, the world will need time to slowly return to its previous state.

Due to the current situation, I am hesitating whether I should buy a ticket for D Festival 2020. What will happen to the purchased tickets if D Festival does not take place from July 3-5?
In case D Festival is rescheduled, the purchased tickets will remain valid for the new dates. There will be a refund for all those who will not be able to attend the festival due to the change in dates.

Do you have a plan B if the situation does not improve soon?
Despite the current organization, we are working on a plan B, C, D… but for now, the direction of the plans does not depend only on us and our desires and plans.

Can I still apply and participate in the creation of D Festival?
Yes, the deadline for all calls is extended to April 20th. Everyone can apply with their ideas and contribute to the creation of a unique experience at D Festival that lives by the love and creativity of its participants and visitors.

How does the current situation affect the activities related to the organization of the festival?
We are extremely handicapped because above all, we lack the personal communication needed to organize such an event. But we are working diligently from our homes and we’re doing our best to complete our plans. Unlike previous years, our activities are limited and preparations are slowed down. In the meantime, we are planning different solutions for an emergency situation.

Do you consider it responsible to organize an event in this situation?
D Festival is scheduled for July 3-5, with the hope that the current situation will improve by then. We continue with the preparations because we believe that we have a responsibility to the artists, the audience, our partners and collaborators. We would like to assure you that we will not do anything that will pose a risk to our audience, volunteers and festival participants, without consulting the authorities.

What losses do you expect?
In September 2019 we started too ambitiously with preparations for our best edition so far. A birthday, jubilee! Our greatest loss will be if we do not succeed in making all of our desires and visions come true. This year we have an even bigger response from the audience and a 70% sold-out festival in March, which has never happened before in Macedonia. That means we have gained trust – and for us – that is the most valuable asset. Now, in these conditions, we will try to be good and present and in 2021 we will double our compensation for everything that we will not be able to do now because of this higher power. Our loss will be similar to the loss in all sectors, with what they say, ours may be the most frightful. We were “the first out” and hopefully not “the last ones to come back.”

When will you make the final decision on holding this year’s edition of D Festival?
Given how things are going, we believe that in mid-May we will have a final decision. In the meantime, we are communicating constantly with all contractors, supporters, and suppliers. Taksirat and D Festival are part of the largest European Association of Festivals and that is why we are in constant communication with all of them. We’re aiming to help each other to find good solutions to the problems that affect us, because we are not excluded from each other – remember – music is a language that everyone understands! We have daily reports on the activities of artists, booking agencies, and details of other countries’ actions toward artists, festivals, concerts, and culture in general.

10. Are you looking for support? Are the state, the ministry and the city protecting you at the moment? What is their attitude towards culture …?
It’s the same as always – traditionally miserable and last in place of priorities. We are not looking for anything for us at the moment, but they can do something for the thousands of independent domestic authors. The ministry and city administrations need to announce online competitions to support the independent scene, artists, actors, and writers, as soon as possible. It is enough for the authors to publish and contribute with a song, a picture, a performance, or a book – to help them and allow their work to survive in these conditions.

11. How can I support the festival?
Quite simply, whatever happens with D Festival this year, we want to motivate you not to forget Dojran. To visit, spend a night there as if it were D Fest every day. Let’s help Dojran save its tourist season, so all its citizens can stay positive and with a smile on their faces – the same way they welcome us every year. Gina, Fuktak, Nota and all the locals will help you find the peace and love that we have found these 10 years ..

Until then, as our dear friends say, “Stay connected & disinfected!”